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Instagramming Sydney (Sept 2012)

September 22, 2012

A quick look at some photos from my recent Sydney trip.
It was primarily a networking trip, so don’t expect too much! =)

The trip started off beautifully with a lunch with an Art Consultant friend at the Museum of Contemporary Art by Circular Quay. Looking the beautiful blue sky and the lovely weather was a great break from Melbourne which was freezing cold earlier this month. Such a iconic view of Sydney too!

While chalk/pastel drawing is pretty common in Melbourne, I like the idea that Art is often seen around Martin Place (CBD area) alongside heaps of interesting promotions. For those of you who remember the Tim Tam’s Truly Madly Campaign, where Tim Tam were hanging off trees, this is the place where it happened.

Sydney shows us how to tastefully cover up ugly construction sites while providing a sneak peek of their finished Town Hall renovation.

I’ve always loved Hay Market for it’s pretty authentic Asian cuisines (totally dig the Taiwanese desserts there), but nothing beats its weekend night markets! The smells, sounds and people really makes me feel like I’ve transported back to Asia.

Another one of my favourite places in Sydney, The Sydney Fish Market! Fresh seafood, reasonable prices, beautiful summer day, view of the waters filled with yatches and loads of happy people. What’s not to like?

Longing for another trip somewhere. Wishing and waiting…
XOXO Jeszlene


All photos from this post has been shot with an iPhone 4s via Instagram.

Why do I rarely travel blog these days?

August 24, 2012

Recently, a friend asked “are you Vasco Pyjama or Mr Curly?”

Apparently, there’s a comic series by Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig, the most famous being The Adventures of Vasco Pyjama. Through my mate’s interpretation, Vasco Pyjama (a pun on the name of real-life Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama) is an adventurer who likes to see a plethora of places, which Mr Curly choses the depth of knowledge over the superficial peep.

So am I Vasco Pyjama or Mr Curly?

Of course most of us are neither of the extremes, but I guess I’ve shifted from being Vasco Pyjama to Curly Flat over the years. I took my first solo trip in 2007 on impulsive to Thailand for half a week. Soon, my confidence & greed increase and in 2009, I spent a month+ in the United States, and another month in Vietnam. That was also the point in my life where I realized return tickets were financially insensible, because I always decide to stay that little bit longer. My mom also quickly recognized that the only reasons I came home was financial or visa related. In 2010, after my second month long trip in Vietnam, I bought a 3 month return ticket to Canberra, and threw the return flight straight into the bin. Of course, my 2011 one-way trip to Melbourne, was meant to be a month long adventure but well, I’m still here…

Not exactly Mr Curly in the sense of staying still in one spot, but I’ve learnt that local culture is a huge part of the traveling experience. For those who know me personally, you’ll know that I love analyzing human behavior be it from a psychoanalysis, artistic or business analysis standpoint. Living in Melbourne for an entire year, not only allowed me to understand the geography in terms of suburb (Where are the Arty spots? What’s the difference between the north side Arts scene VS the south side Arts scene? Where’s the REAL Chinatown? Clue: Not the CBD, nor Boxhill), the subcultures (I lived in a Fitzroy warehouse with the indie artists, stayed in a caravan with the carnis, party with grammar school alumnus, lived with country raised Australians, etc), the education system, value systems of various social economic groups, and heaps more!

So why do I rarely travel blog these days?

I guess when you’re living a local life, you see your city in a different light. The Flinders station for example, ceased to a tourist attraction. It is merely the station I get off in order to meet my mates for a drink at Fed Square, and on occasions, the view I have while working on my laptop by the river (above picture). Also, my travel patterns change, because the Old Melbourne Gaol will always be there (yes, I have yet to visit) but I’ll jump at a day trip to Ballarat with my mates, simply because I don’t drive, and the country is always a refreshing change from city life.

Most importantly, I’ve taking some time out from my cameras (my Cannon EOS is still in Singapore & I no longer carry my TX1 around as a daily essential) in order to stop experiencing life’s beauty through the viewfinder. Really, even the best photography can’t do justice to many of the beautiful sights I’ve experienced, because nothing beats living in the moment. The sounds, the smell, the emotions, the winds, the excitement…

However, I have recently started instagramming, and going shutter happy on my iPhone, so who knows, I might just start travel blogging again.

Meanwhile, rain or shine, winter or spring, here’s a piece of my current home, Melbourne.



All photos from this post, except for the book cover, has been shot either using an iPhone 3 or iPhone 4s.

ART-Town at Chapel Off Chapel!

March 19, 2012

Chapel Street's ART-Town 2012

The Art Town public art project and exhibition is presented by Streets Ahead Promotions and supported by the City of Stonnington.

Over two weekends the Chapel Street precinct welcomes 30 artists as they create artworks live on the street in four highly-visible locations; Grattan Gardens, the Colonnade, Yarra Lane and corner Maddock & Chapel Streets.  ART-Town visitors and passers-by are treated to a rare glimpse into the artists’ creative process as they are inspired by their surroundings.

Of course the two weekend festival is followed by an exhibition at Chapel off Chapel, City of Stonnington’s premier venue for the arts.

Are you currently in Melbourne?

If so, please drop by and show some support!

Debut Exhibition in Melbourne!

October 15, 2011

Featuring Claire’s Earl Grey (left) and Bunny Egg (right).

How Now Gallery Opening
50 Rose Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Opening Night: Friday Oct 14th

Oct 15-16th

Please be patient with me =)

September 14, 2010


Sorry my blog’s been kinda quiet lately.

Am heading to kangaroo & koala land pretty soon, and there’s loads of errands to be sorted before this trip. Will still be finishing my Vietnam posts (note to self: never procrastinate travel blogs for they get harder to write over time) before starting on my Aussie trip.

Please be patient with me, and do look forward to my Australia blogs too!

A couple of Oz teasers…

Canberra’s Floriade Festival!
Tim Burton’s exhibition in Melbourne!
Melbourne International Arts Festival!
Sightseeing and Arts events in Sydney!
AND many, many more!!!

I’m getting pretty excited myself, since it’s a fairly long trip and I’ll be moving into an apartment (after a month long road trip) instead of hotel hopping. A whole new travel experience living down under!

I think this is one of my best birthday present to myself thus far =D

Still living life passionately, & enjoying every minute of it!!

P.S. Still tweeting regularly, so keep follow me on Twitter for my latest updates

More of… Under The Sun

September 1, 2010

Just because there are more pictures uploaded today…
And to give everyone a better idea of Under The Sun =)

Two Sisters

Under The Sun is about two sisters,

Effects of the war

and the stains on their relationship during the World War.


How one of them got involved with a Japanese soldier,

Japanese Soldier

who was also emotionally scarred by war traumas.

Under The Sun is about…





Abstract ideas



Of course the production of Under The Sun was also…



Cast Picture


(Isn’t Jerry’s bear is uber cute?!)

Director and Cast

and Cozy~


Photos are ripped from 1st Assistant Director Seng Yew’s facebook and DO NOT represent any of Playwright Jean Tay or Director Wee Li Lin’s intentions.

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