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泳闯琴关 No Limits – the project of seconds (我的第二次)

July 21, 2010

No Limits is a project of many seconds. 《游闯琴关》是我的许多第二次。

My second supporting role on channel 8, and my second collaboration with a few of the cast an crew! 是我在第八播的第二部配角戏,也是第二次和某些演员和工作人员合作。

Dai Yang Tian 戴阳天

Dai Yang Tian and I during Little Nyonya

This was taken in Malacca, during our filming of Little Nyonya. However, Yang Tian and I never worked in any scenes until Together, where we shared the spotlight for a split second during my guest appearance. 这是在马六甲,拍摄《小娘惹》时照的相片。当时我们其实没机会合作,而是在《当我们同在一起》的一个客串角色,和阳天同台了一小段。

Rebecca Lim 林慧玲

Janice, Becky & I during The Pupil

Becky & I met on The Pupil (which is having it’s encore telecast every Sunday night btw)! It’s really comforting to have someone whose comfort language is English, especially when my other 2 co-actors are China bred native speakers!  Becky 是在英文戏剧《The Pupil》认识的!很开心能和另一个英文组的同事一起合作!

Also… 还有…

The executive producer and a good number of the crew were also part of Little Nyonya! 监制和多位工作人员都和《小娘惹》的一样!

Now for my first experiences…. 节下来是我的第一次…

Director Doreen and Yuan Shuai. Doreen导演和袁帅

Yuan Shuai, Becky, Director Doreen and Me!

Ops, I miss out the other director’s pics… 元帅和Doreen导演!我忘了和丽碗导演拍照。


Please support my project of seconds, and that I will have my third, fourth, and fifths! 请支持我的第二次,也期望将来会有第三,四,五次!

泳闯琴关 No Limits

Remember to catch No Limits every weekday night on Ch8 at 9pm!! 记得每逢周日,九点钟,在第八播,收看《游闯琴关》!

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