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Mekong River for a day

July 22, 2010

Earlier this week, I booked a one day tour to Mekong River. I didn’t see the usual touristy floating markets (which is only available on 2 day tours anyways) but one that introduces the local’s version of Mekong River.

A bridge along the Mekong River

Now we all know that many families live on the Mekong River, but how do they do their daily chores, especially things that require water? Surprise surprise!

Shampooing on the Mekong River

Fine, that was kinda expected, but interesting to share anyways =)

Next up, a tour in the villages around the Mekong!

Bees farming

Here’s a source of income for some of the villagers, beeskeeping. Apparently, you can place your fingers on the frame, in the midst of all the bees, and once you reach the honey cells, you can taste the freshest, sweetest nectar! I didn’t have the guts to do it, but the tour guide, and a traveller did. The cultivated honey’s pretty good too, and my mom purchased a set of honey, honey pollen, and royal jelly, basically the entire works.

Making rice paper

Rice paper making is another source of income, alongside coconut candy making, embroidery, rice wine making, etc. Love how efficient and environmentally friendly they are. See the brown bits on the left? They are husks from the coconut post candy making, and the lady is using it for fueling the fire! The rice paper is also used for multiple purposes, like edible candy wrapping, pancakes desserts, and of course, Vietnamese spring rolls!

Back to the Mekong River!

James Bond's Mekong River

I think I watch too many Hollywood movies, but when I was traveling along this part of the river, I couldn’t help but expect James Bond appearing on a speed boat, with some Vietnamese fishermen drawing out their swords and exploding into a high adrenaline fight/chase scene.

Tapestry of boats

Like seriously, check out the fumes. Are you visualizing better now? *exCiteD~



I shall switch off my corny movie mode *hmpf~

Dance-like Vietnamese boats

Actually the act of boat rowing is really gorgeous. When in sync, they kinda look like a choreographed dance, especially when the uniformed Non Las (Vietnamese hats) act like some form of costumes.

Brilliant Sky

Besides the scenic river, and the boat rowing, don’t forget to check out the beautiful blue sky too!

Back to Saigon City

This marks the end of my tour as we head back to the motorbike plagued Saigon!


All pictures from this post are shot with a Canon TX1 and have not been digitally enhanced.

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