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Co Đà Lạt

July 25, 2010

Da Lat, (also know as “little Paris” & “the eternal spring city”), is located in the highlands, where the cool air is a refreshing break from the rest of sun blazed and motorbikes polluted Vietnam. Little wonder it was a vacation mirage for the French during Vietnam’s colonization days, and a hotspot for local tourists today.

When I was doing my research online, prior the trip, sources stated that there are few foreigners in Da Lat, and it serves mostly Vietnameses from other regions. While it might be true statistically, it certainly didn’t feel like so. Perhaps my hotel was near many Travel Planet, Wikitravel and Trip Advisor recommendations, hence I probably saw all the grand total of 45 Caucasians in the entire Da Lat! Which was great actually, since these cafes and restaurants are more like to employ staff who speak basic English, reducing our need to gesticulate requests.

View from my hotel balcony, Da Lat

So, after a 7+hour bus ride from Saigon, I’m finally in Da Lat!!

(It’s a 15 hour long bus ride from Da Nang, should you pick that route. The relatively new Da Lat airpot does not serves Singapore at the moment, and even if it does, the long bus ride up the mountains is still unavoidable.)

Since Da Lat is known for it’s fresh fruits and local produce (like coffee, flowers, fruits, wine, etc), we decided to head straight for Da Lat market (after some good night sleep of course).

Entrance to Cho Da Lat (Da Lat Market)

Centre of Cho Da Lat

Cho Da Lat reminds me of Singaporean wet markets in the 80s, except it’s way larger. It sells a assortment of goods like fruits, flowers, vegetables, live stock, seafood, farming equipment, dried food, farming tools, home supplies, clothes, spices, medicine, and whatever else you can name.

Walking up Cho Da Lat

At the heart of it all

Deeper into the market

By the side of Cho Da Lat

The sightseeing was extra fun, as we met an Australian chef, who decided to join us in sampling some of the the local yummies!

Oh, if you ever visit Da Lat, you have got to try their avocado. I usually have mine with lime, or as part of a dish, since it’s pretty blend au natural. However, the avocados in Da Lat are sweet and yummilicious even on its own!

Mutated Da Lat avocados

After the Da Lat market, we walked around a bit, but were pretty disappointed. Apparently either the city lake was drained for cleaning (online version) or it was filled only seasonally (local broken English version) and the so called park was pretty unimpressive.

Since most of the sites were sparsely scattered, we decided to wait till our day tour the following morning and enjoy a relaxing evening instead, obviously with Singapore’s favorite past time, EATing!

Street food in the highlands

Fertilized duck egg

I’ve no idea what’s the actual name for this dish, but it’s basically a fertilized duck egg, in it’s late stages of development, so you get to taste both the egg yolk and the little fetus of a duckling. We ordered it thinking it’s an ordinary boiled egg, and my mom was completely grossed out when I told her what it was. So I was left with most of the egg, which really doesn’t taste so bad, especially with the chilli sauce and Vietnamese basil.

I guess this unexpected mini-adventure makes up for the uneventful afternoon!

See you tomorrow for the Da Lat City Tour~


All pictures from this post are shot with a Canon TX1 and have not been digitally enhanced.

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  1. anton permalink
    July 26, 2010 13:46

    Really like these pictures you’ve taken

  2. Dude permalink
    July 26, 2010 17:02

    glad to see you’re enjoying vietnam

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