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Cody Rock – Down, wet and dirty

July 27, 2010

In my previous blog post on AnD, I introduced the cast of Cody Rock and showcased some of the stuff we did outside work.

Since we’re at the last episode of the kid’s drama this week, it’s time to check out some of the more exciting behind-the-scenes footages!

Cody Rock in Kuching, Sarawak

So we were based in a rainforest resort, set on the shore of the South China Sea, which although a visual treat on screen, but not always the best condition for filming.

First, we got to be flexible with the available spaces!

Morning makeup session!

Here’s the resort cafe, where we have a meals, which we use as a makeshift makeup area.

Nicole getting her hair touched up

Sometimes we do our touching up on location too, like on the beach…

Makeshift storage space

and use random shacks as equipment holding areas…

Director and DoP behind the monitor

Secondly, we must be prepared for getting down, wet and dirty.

Villian Pyriss (actress Shannon) giving me a knock out kick!

Such as receiving a kick from a pair of sandy boots!

Knocked out!

And falling flat on the sand afterwards.

Art director Roy, leading Cody (actor Scott Hillyard)'s canoe into the sea

Or going into the waters…

A chase scene

running along the beach…

Effects of the sand and sea on shoes

And getting your shoes completely iky!

Under the hot sun

Thankfully the crew were really sweet with us, ensuring our welfare were well taken care of. The casts even had assistants carrying umbrellas for us whenever we are off screen.

Sarah (by Nicole) and Pyriss (Shannon) in front of the green screen

Plus there were days whereby we shot comfortably indoors.

Luxury in the wilderness

Or had our comfort items within reach.

Scott, Me, Nicole and Firdaus

I miss you Nicole, Scott, Shannon and Firdaus!

It’s not often that we get to shoot an entire series in a tropical rainforest by the beach, for a good number of weeks. Which means limited access to the internet, friends, family and many other things we are used to in the city. While it took a bit of effort to get used to the various conditions presented, it was really fun, and everyone got really close to each other, in a sort period of time!

On Cody Rock as Aunt Emily

Please catch the last episode of Cody Rock and the Quest of Macguvitonium this today (Tuesday) at 8pm and/or the encore telecast on Sunday at 11am on OK TV!


All pictures from this post are shot with an iPhone 3G and have not been digitally enhanced.

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  1. zhaoyen permalink
    July 18, 2014 19:24

    What is nicole full name? :O she is just gorgeous ! :O

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