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泳闯琴关 (No Limits) – Final episodes!

July 28, 2010

泳闯琴关 (No Limits) is ending this week, and I haven’t caught any episodes.

I’ve been told multiple times that I can watch back episodes online on XinMSN, unfortunately, it’s not available in Vietnam (Video reads: Not available in your region). *pOut~ Isn’t Vietnam in the same region as Singapore? The Southeast Asia region…

So I really hope that you guys can watch 泳闯琴关 (No Limits) and let me know how it goes alright? Like have you seen any of these scenes on air?

During a playback of our recording

When Thunder forces his necklace on Jiayi

From the director's monitor

What am I doing here? :S

Probably trying to check the light, even though I look like I’m clapping…

Getting Yule fired from the company

You would think that getting Yule fired from the company’s the end of Pauline and Thunder’s ploy? Now that Thunder has Jiayi in his hands and Yule’s music career ruined, do you think he will stop the games? Will Jiayi and Yule ever find out the truth?

Stay tune for Thunder and Pauline’s ultimate showdown!

泳闯琴关 as Pauline

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